Red and White Blues

by Mike Plume

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Jared Demick
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Jared Demick Solid set of songs that helps prove that there's more to country-and-western than Dixie-fried fantasies. Favorite track: Hey Hey What D'Ya Say (Coming Home Again).
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“Red And White Blues”

Produced by Mike Plume with Steve Donnelly. 

Recorded Steve Donnelly at Ten Volt Studio, April 6-12, 2013 

All songs written by Mike Plume 

This album is for Jenny O and Ruby T.

The MPB are...

Anastasios Basiliadis: Drums, Percussion and Vocals 
Benjamin Wilson: Bass and Vocals 
Mike Plume: Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica and Vocals. 

Without further ado... 

Ryan Barwin: Pedal Steel and Dobro
Tom Pechloff: Piano and Accordion
Keith Snider: Fiddle and Banjo 
Jason Anderson: Vocals 
Steve Donnelly: Vocals 
Ray Harris: Vocals 
Lefty McRighty: Vocals 

Uber thanks to Ernie and Ben for continuing to throw in with me... 

Thanks to my brother Chris, his wife Erin and their boys Hud and Finn in Edmonton. 

A great big howdy to The Plume family back home. 
An enormous thanks to the Orenstein family everywhere. 
A giant, “Hey how’ve you guys been?” to Chevarie family. 

A special thanks goes to the Basiliadis and Wilson families. 

Thanks to Julie “When Are We On?” Putman. 
Thanks to Nathalie Venne. 
Thanks to Athina and Darcy for putting me up and putting up with me. 

A big thanks goes out to Michelle Parry Harris for capturing these sessions through her camera lens, not too mention countless gigs over the years.

A tip of the hat to Gord Collins. 
A solidarity fist pump to Joel Stewart. 
The secret Water Buffalo Handshake to Randy Taylor

Notable and noteworthy thanks to Steve Donnelly for putting up with me and my endless and various hair brained ideas. He’s a great producer and runs a great ship. 
An absolute pleasure working with you, let’s do it again. 

Ditto to Mica and Roxy. 

Special thanks goes to Ryan, Tom and Keith for adding texture to this album. 

A “thank you, thank you very much...” goes out to Jason, Steve, Ray and Lefty for the amazing one part harmonies. Long live the Ordinaires is what I say. 

Eternal thanks to Paul Symes and the Black Sheep in Wakefield Quebec. The site of easily 15 of the 20 greatest gigs in MPB history. 

Thanks to Ron Kitchener. 
Thanks to Julien Paquin and Todd Jordan at Paquin Entertainment. 
Thanks to Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans. 
Thanks to Terry Evans and the boys, Grant and Sheena, the Jewel and the Kid, Disco Stu Reid, Jeff Robson, Bruce Leperre,  Patrick and all at the Ironwood, Ken Johnson, JJ Vos, David Bradley, Derpy, Hurricane, Racin’ Jason McCoy, Clayton Bellamy, Clean Living Langley, Alex Herriot, Joe Party, Tim Hus, Stompin’ Tom, Shauna DeCartier, Jen Shaw, Heather Shaw, Lisa and Brad Lewis. Tammy Ryder, Jim and Jeanie Dorie, Ken Kelley, Gord Anderson,

Thanks to Steve and Erin Zimmerman for letting me use the painting of the Caddy.
“...If fins were wings, she’d fly...”

Significant thanks to Braidon Vachon for getting back to me. We were catching up on the phone one night, a couple years ago, when during the course of our conversation he said something to the effect how in Canada “our winter’s are a little longer...” 

A massive thank you goes out to Riss Wiebe for his tireless efforts. 
Talk about service above and beyond the call of duty! 
Riss designed, updates and continually retools my website. 
When he’s not doing that or designing my album covers or assembling videos for me. He fields thousands of emails from me a year with questions about this, that and the other thing. 
He’s kinda like my “Dear Abby” 

Thanks to Prosser, Forbes and O’Reilly for pulling me back to my youth. 
Peel out! 

Photos by Michelle Parry Harris, Jen Shaw, Chris Plume, Jenny Plume, Rob W. Hamill, Steve Zimmerman, Terry Rennison and MP.
Paintings by MP.

Song 1, 6, 7, 10 and 12 © 2013 Pitcher's Mound Inc. (SOCAN/ASCAP)
Song 2 © 2008 West Moraine Music (SOCAN/ASCAP)
Song 3 © 2009 West Moraine Music (SOCAN/ASCAP), Lead Dog Publishing (SOCAN/BMI), Eric Jackson Langley (SOCAN)
Song 4 © 2010 West Moraine Music (SOCAN/ASCAP), Unfair Entertainment (ASCAP)
Song 5 © 2011 Pitcher's Mound Inc. (SOCAN/ASCAP), Wrensong Publishing (BMI)
Song 8 © 2008 West Moraine Music (SOCAN/ASCAP), Parallel Music and MaxMarlee Music (SESAC)
Song 9 © 2010 West Moraine Music (SOCAN/ASCAP), Lead Dog Publishing (SOCAN/ASCAP)
Song 11© 2010 West Moraine Music (SOCAN/ASCAP), JJ Vos (SOCAN)


released June 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Mike Plume Edmonton, Alberta

I was born in Moncton New Brunswick in the year of the White Album.
I'm old enough to know better and still young enough not to care.

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